VSP provides benefits on behalf of the Active Plan participants who are enrolled in Regence PPO medical. Kaiser Permanente provides benefits on behalf of Active Plan participants who are enrolled in the Kaiser Medical Plan. Click on "Vision Benefits" for a summary of the benefits provided by VSP.
  Vision Benefits
  Value Added Discounts

Laser Vision Care
VSP has contracted with many of the nation's finest laser surgery facilities and doctors, offering you a discount of PRK and LASIK surgeries, available through contracted laser centers.  Visit VSP's Web site at www.vsp.com to learn more about this program.

Contact Lenses
VSP also offers valuable savings on annual supplies of certain brands of contacts.  You can receive these VSP Member Preferred Prices, even if you use your coverage for glasses, when you purchase your contact lenses from the same VSP doctor who provided your eye exam within the previous 12 months.  Visit www.vsp.com or ask your doctor for details.

  If You Don't See a VSP Doctor

You may have the option of seeing an out-of-network provider.  Be aware that out-of-network benefits do not guarantee full payment.  Services obtained through out-of-network providers are subject to the same timeframes and copayments as services obtained through VSP doctors.  You will be required to pay the provider in full at the time of service.  If your plan allows such reimbursements, log onto the VSP web site at www.vsp.com and access the claim form to ensure a timely reimbursement.  Select "Out-of-Network Reimbursement under "My Forms".  Follow the instructions.

If you are not able to access the internet form, send the following to VSP:

  • An itemized receipt listing the services received

  • The name, address and phone number of the out-of-network provider

  • The covered member's ID number

  • The covered member's name, address and phone number

  • The name of the organization that offers your VSP coverage

  • The patient's name, date of birth, address and phone number

  • The patient's relationship to the covered member (such as "self", "spouse", "child")

Most out-of-network claims must be submitted to VSP within six months.  However, certain plans may allow claims to be submitted beyond the deadline.  Keep a copy of the claim information and send originals to:

P.O. Box 997105
Sacramento, CA  95899-7105
VSP Member Services:  800-877-7195

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